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Strengthening international faith connections

The American & Foreign Christian Union board in October 2018 This past week, pastors and delegates of the American churches in Berlin, Paris, and Vienna flew to the United States for the annual meeting of The American & Foreign Christian Union held for the first time in Ridgefield, Connecticut. European representatives assembled with U.S. board […]


AFCU Fall Board meeting

For 3 days 38 members of the Board & Development Committee met in Ridgefield CT. The meeting was kindly hosted by the First Congregational Church of Ridgefield. We continue to develop our strategic plans. Understanding the longer term needs of our churches is critical to our ability to effectively support them. Our three churches all […]


AFCU Annual Meeting in Tuscon

  The AFCU Board held its first half yearly meeting of 2018 in Resurrection Lutheran Church Oro Valley, Arizona, on Friday, April 13th through Saturday, April 14th.  While the ACB was well on the path to recruiting their new Pastor, ACP is just at the beginning of the search for a new Senior Pastor in […]


AFCU Annual Meeting in Denver – 10/20/17

The AFCU Board held its semi-annual 2017 meeting in Denver, Colorado on Friday, October 20th through Saturday, October 21st.  Highlights from this meeting included Pastor Scott Herr presented ACP’s decision to focus on “What is God’s Vision for 2020 and Beyond?”, Masa Matsushita reported on the VCC Capital Funding 20015 – 2017 and Ken Rislov updated the […]


AFCU Annual Meeting in Vienna – 5/17/17

This year’s annual meeting was held in Vienna, Austria.  The highlights of the meeting included presentations of church programs and financial reports, development programs designed to provide spiritual and financial support to the three churches and the approval and formal signing of the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement.  The board picture includes members of the AFCU board, spouses and […]

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