AFCU Annual Meeting in Vienna – 5/17/17

This year’s annual meeting was held in Vienna, Austria.  The highlights of the meeting included presentations of church programs and financial reports, development programs designed to provide spiritual and financial support to the three churches and the approval and formal signing of the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement.  The board picture includes members of the AFCU board, spouses and representatives from the three churches.  The signing picture includes Ted Ziemann (AFCU President) and Mary Geissler (VCC Moderator).  Pastor Steve Kienberger presented an update from ACB and Scott Herr presented an update from ACP.



Members of the VCC did a great job of hosting the meeting. The coordination and logistics for the meeting were lead by Anne Storey and Rosalind Laimer, who planned all the events, meals, and orchestrated a home concert at Anne’s home.


The group picture above includes Mickela Moore (Property Chair) Mary Geissler (Moderator) Anne Storey (Fellowship Chair) Rosalind Laimer (AFCU Event Co-Coordinator) and Sita Weinrich (Membership Chair).  A special thank you to Eudora Price for making the special welcome cake for the AFCU visitors.


The AFCU members and guests were also treated to a personalized tour of the historic section of Vienna by Rainer Zimmermann.