Books About AFCU & Our Churches


Further Reading...

Several books have been written about the history of these churches.

The books shown below describe a portion of the history of the churches supported by the AFCU are currently available. If you would like information on how to obtain a copy, please email the AFCU Development Office.

If you would like additional information on the early history of the AFCU. look at a Guide to the records of the American and Foreign Christian Union 1851-1884 written by Susan Meier in 1985. The entire write-up can be seen on the web at the New York University Archives website – Guide to The Records of the American and Foreign Christian Union 1851-1884.

The AFCU records for these years are stored in the New York University Archives. Other AFCU records may be found at the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia.

Opportunity to Serve

The American Church in Paris 1978-1992 by Thomas E. Duggan

In this book, Tom Duggan, endeavors to record the most significant accomplishments of the congregation, the church staff, and the pastor working together during the time that he was senior pastor. The emphasis is on events that occurred in the church and community, the people who were involved in the significant happenings, and the major changes that took place regarding the two buildings that make up the physical presence of the American Church in Paris. This book brings back many memories to those who were in Paris when Tom Duggan was the senior minister.



The American in Paris 1814-1981 by Ruth Dixon

This book gives a very complete and readable description of the history of the American Church in Paris. Tracing it roots back to 1814, the American Church in Paris was founded in 1857. It is the oldest private American institution abroad and the first American church founded overseas. It has fulfilled its founders dreams by being both a center of spiritual and social life.


by Stewart W. Herman

This book, originally published in 1978 and reprinted in 2001 covers the period from the start of the American Church in Berlin, believed to be around 1865 until 1978. It discusses many happenings of the early years, describes the turbulent days surrounding World War II and the beginnings of the cold war, and discusses the bringing together of the American Church in Berlin and the Lutheran American Church in Berlin.