American Church in Paris

The American Church in Paris (ACP) is the first American Church established on foreign soil.  It was founded in 1857 by the American and Foreign Christian Union and local English speaking Christians.  The present facilities stand on the Left Bank of the River Seine, on quai d’Orsay, the seventh arrondissement in central Paris, and date from 1927.  It’s congregational life is enriched by people from over forty nations and a wide variety of denominational backgrounds.

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Mission Statement

The mission of The American Church in Paris, an interdenominational and international Christian community, is to bear witness by word and deed to the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, to provide a place of English-language worship in the American Protestant tradition, and to engage in ministries and services that enrich the lives of residents and visitors in Paris.


ACP Spire

ACP Spire cover

The latest edition of Spire, the monthly magazine of the American Church in Paris is now on-line.