AFCU Annual Meeting in Tuscon


The AFCU Board held its first half yearly meeting of 2018 in Resurrection Lutheran Church Oro Valley, Arizona, on Friday, April 13th through Saturday, April 14th.  While the ACB was well on the path to recruiting their new Pastor, ACP is just at the beginning of the search for a new Senior Pastor in anticipation of the culmination of Pastor Scott’s successful tenure on the Seine in 2020.  Pastor Scott for the ACP, Karen Von Rosen and Margit Coltvet ACB & Kate Koob and Masa Matsushita VCC presented their Strategic reports which outlined both organizational items as well as Ministry opportunities.

Masa Matsushita

Bob DeLuryea brought the Board up to date on  AFCU archiving.  AFCU has archive material going back to 1849. Our more recent archiving now needs a fresh look to ensure that anyone looking at us in in 170 years has the same opportunity as we have.

The officers of AFCU were unanimously reelected for the new term of Office.
They are :-

President – Ted Ziemann
Vice President –David Moore
Treasurer – Julie Voskuil
Secretary – Megan Foster
Russ McNaughton -Financial Secretary

The second 2018 AFCU Annual meeting will be held in Ridgefield, CT.  The board will convene starting Friday, October12th  through Sunday, October 14th.

The Development Committee met on Friday April 13th. Among the discussions were a review of 2017 giving, the building of a Development Strategy and The Heritage Society.