Project Centipede

Projekt Tausendfüssler – Project Centipede, a registered Austrian charity, was founded on 3 March 1990 in Vienna to aid Romanian orphans. The charity also supports programs in South India, which include three kindergartens, a school for the handicapped in Kerala, South India, as well as, an E-literacy program in Kodukulanji, Kerala, South India.


In Romania, over 400 children are cared for on a regular basis. Twice a year banana boxes filled with food and hygiene articles, school supplies, clothing and shoes and treats are given personally to the children in the Sânmartin/Csikszenmárton orphanage, four elementary schools in Mercurea Ciuc/Csikszereda and a school for mentally handicapped children and youth in Olteni/Oltszem. Project Centipede also provides the orphanage children with fresh milk daily purchased from two local farmers.

Due to the social conditions in Romania for low income families, childrens homes and schools, assistance is needed now as much, or more so than it was when we started the project in March 1990. Please help us to continue our support of these children.

We invite you to join the Centipede Team that travels to Romania to give the children your love, as well as the gifts we have for them.

Since 2001, Centipede also assists children in three kindergarten and in a school for handicapped children a Kerala, South India. These children are given hygiene articles, school supplies and sweets once a year. Additionally, handicapped children in the Deepthi School in Muhamma receive fresh goat milk daily.

Another important project in Kodukulanji, Kerela, South India, is engaged in an E-literacy program to provide children under 16 with computer education to improve basic computer skills.

All these Projects have been possible through the support of private persons, churches and other groups who are interested in the welfare of children and will continue as long as assistance is needed and support is received.