April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across the World and we are in a time that is unprecedented and where we as congregations need to cooperate with the World Health Organization and other government directives calling for extreme measures to avoid social contact in order to contain further spreading of the Coronavirus. While it grieves us, we know that it is good to be taking steps of utmost precaution in order to care for and respect one another, especially to protect those most vulnerable to this contagion.

Fortunately many of us are blessed with the equipment & ability to remain in contact with our friends & family around the world. Our Churches are at the forefront of the efforts to ensure that our missions continue & we maintain our work in Christ’s name. As a result our churches were able to reach out to their congregations over Easter & with great ingenuity bring together Christians across the Globe.

For those missing your worship on Sunday we hope your local church is doing something like our church families:-

The American Church in Paris.


The American Church in Berlin


If you know of someone who is missing their church family please send them a link.