Carol McNaughton

Welcome to our New AFCU Board Member

In the 1980’s Russ and I spent four years living in Paris.  Before our daughter and I arrived, Russ had made a connection with the American Church in Paris.  That connection was the beginning of a relationship with the church that gave us a feeling of welcome and belonging in a community of fellow Christians where we could share in the spiritual participation of the Word of God. As President of the “Women of the Church” (WOC) I was able to share and pass on to others that welcome thru “Bloom Where You’re Planted,” Women’s Bible Studies, and as a member of the Church Board.  Since our return to the US we have been privileged to be a part of the AFCU where we can support the churches and enjoy the companionship of friends “old and new.” As an AFCU Board Member I feel that I am able to participate in Board activities and lend support to all three churches.