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Interim ACB Pastor

Welcome to the Interim ACB Pastor We are so pleased to have the Coltvets serve during the interim period as we prepare to call a new pastor. Many in the congregation remember with great fondness the ministry of the Coltvets, and we are excited for the newer members to get to know Pastor Ben and […]


AFCU Annual Meeting in Vienna – 5/17/17

This year’s annual meeting was held in Vienna, Austria.  The highlights of the meeting included presentations of church programs and financial reports, development programs designed to provide spiritual and financial support to the three churches and the approval and formal signing of the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement.  The board picture includes members of the AFCU board, spouses and […]


AFCU Bridge | Summer 2017

Highlights from our Board and Development Meetings include: 1. A review of church programs and financial reports from the American churches in Berlin and Paris and the VCC 2. Finalizing and jointly approving the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement 3. A review and demonstration of the new AFCU website 4. Development programs designed to provide spiritual and […]


Kris Richardson Smith

Welcome to our New AFCU Board Member In 2007, I relocated to Paris for my job and found the American Church in Paris. What a difference that made in my life! It provided a source of friends, reawakened my spirituality, and gave me a chance to contribute to something greater. As Treasurer at ACP, I […]


Carol McNaughton

Welcome to our New AFCU Board Member In the 1980’s Russ and I spent four years living in Paris.  Before our daughter and I arrived, Russ had made a connection with the American Church in Paris.  That connection was the beginning of a relationship with the church that gave us a feeling of welcome and […]

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