Interim Senior Pastor at the American Church in Paris

Thank you for your interest in the Interim Senior Pastor position at the American Church in Paris.  This interdenominational and international English speaking congregation was founded in 1857 and today conducts three Sunday worship services for 600 participants.  The current Senior Pastor’s 12 years of expanding and engaging service will conclude 6/30/2020.  An Interim Senior Pastor will bridge the one year in which the search for a new Senior Pastor will take place.  The American and Foreign Christian Union, which helped establish the church and employs the Senior Pastor, will conduct the initial Interim Senior Pastor search and will refer a small group of highly qualified candidates to the ACP for the ultimate selection.

Interested pastors are encouraged to access the ACP website ( for more information about the breadth and depth of the church’s mission and ministry.  Please review the Interim Senior Pastor position description and qualifications below.

If you would like to apply please send your CV/ resume/ denomination bio to Mr. Jerry Burns ( and highlight those areas related to the position qualifications.  As our search committee will be focusing on those qualifications, you may want to include a cover letter with brief statements aligned to each of the five qualifications.  The application deadline is September 15, 2019.

Please click on the Job Description below to see the full 3 Pages. (opens in a separate window as printable PDF)