AFCU Bridge


AFCU Bridge – Summer 2018

Highlights from the latest edition of teh Bridge include: AFCU President Ted Ziemann’s introduction highlights that the AFCU development team have embarked on the creation of a 5 year strategic plan. You are invited to the AFCU meeting in Ridgefield Connecticut, the weekend of October 12 – 13 2018. Senior Pastor Scott Herr tells us […]


AFCU Bridge | Spring 2018

Highlights from the latest edition of the Bridge include: 1. AFCU President Ted Ziemann’s message is focused on our partner churches.  “These churches play a critical role in their communities as is evidenced by their strong attendance at services and programs.” 2. You are invited to join the AFCU Board at a social evening during the upcoming […]


AFCU Bridge | Autumn 2017

Highlights from the latest edition of the Bridge include: 1. AFCU President Ted Ziemann visited all three churches supported by the AFCU this year.  “Visiting these churches is a blessing and motivation to continue supporting their mission.” 2. In Berlin, Reverend Steve Kienberger has recently taken a new assignment and Pastor Ben and Margit Coltvet are […]


AFCU Bridge | Summer 2017

Highlights from our Board and Development Meetings include: 1. A review of church programs and financial reports from the American churches in Berlin and Paris and the VCC 2. Finalizing and jointly approving the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement 3. A review and demonstration of the new AFCU website 4. Development programs designed to provide spiritual and […]


AFCU Bridge | Spring 2017

Some recent highlights of improvements that your support have made possible include: significant security improvements and a new accessibility lift for people with disabilities at the American church in Paris, the completion of a heated conference room and badly needed upgraded restrooms at the American church in Berlin, and a new meeting point for the […]

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