AFCU Bridge


AFCU Bridge | Spring 2018

Highlights from the latest edition of the Bridge include: 1. AFCU President Ted Ziemann’s message is focused on our partner churches.  “These churches play a critical role in their communities as is evidenced by their strong attendance at services and programs.” 2. You are invited to join the AFCU Board at a social evening during the upcoming […]


AFCU Bridge | Autumn 2017

Highlights from the latest edition of the Bridge include: 1. AFCU President Ted Ziemann visited all three churches supported by the AFCU this year.  “Visiting these churches is a blessing and motivation to continue supporting their mission.” 2. In Berlin, Reverend Steve Kienberger has recently taken a new assignment and Pastor Ben and Margit Coltvet are […]


AFCU Bridge | Summer 2017

Highlights from our Board and Development Meetings include: 1. A review of church programs and financial reports from the American churches in Berlin and Paris and the VCC 2. Finalizing and jointly approving the AFCU-VCC Partnership Agreement 3. A review and demonstration of the new AFCU website 4. Development programs designed to provide spiritual and […]


AFCU Bridge | Spring 2017

Some recent highlights of improvements that your support have made possible include: significant security improvements and a new accessibility lift for people with disabilities at the American church in Paris, the completion of a heated conference room and badly needed upgraded restrooms at the American church in Berlin, and a new meeting point for the […]


AFCU Bridge | Autumn 2016

Among the many items of interest in this issue is information on the new pastoral staff team at ACP, preparations for observing the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation at ACB and the preparations at VCC to celebrate their 60th anniversary. [pdf-embedder url=””]

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