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Organ Phase 2

Phase Two of our ACB organ renovation should be finished this June. Our contracted organ restorer, Herr Truthmann of Frankfurt/Oder, will work on the following elements: Action (Traktur), Pipes (Pfeifenwerk), Intonation and voicing (Intonation/Stimmung). He is also adding another string toned stop that is presently missing from our organ and will give it more versatility. […]


New VCC Moderator

The VCC Spring Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday 21 May 2017 at the VCC meeting Point, immediately following the Sunday worship service. The primary purpose of this meeting was the election of the new VCC Board 2017-2018. The new Board was elected unanimously. A list with photographs will be published in a later version […]


ACP Spire

The latest edition of Spire, the monthly magazine of the American Church in Paris is now on-line.


AFCU Bridge | Spring 2017

Some recent highlights of improvements that your support have made possible include: significant security improvements and a new accessibility lift for people with disabilities at the American church in Paris, the completion of a heated conference room and badly needed upgraded restrooms at the American church in Berlin, and a new meeting point for the […]


ACP Christmas Greetings

Dear Members of the AFCU and Friends of the ACP, Warm greetings to you from Paris in these final days of Advent expectations and anticipations as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the fullness of this season we look back on the year and give thanks and praise to God for all […]

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