2015 AFCU Donors


Thank you to our 2015 Donors

The American & Foreign Christian Union would like to thank all of those who made donations in support of our ministries during 2015. Your support is valuable to the ministries we serve: The American Church in Paris, The American Church in Berlin, and the Vienna Community Church.

Monique AmadoDestination WeddingsJohn HowellReverend Troy MorganDean Swanson
Reverend Alex B. AronisKatherine J. DierkerRichard and Sonya HueholtStuart and Marilyn MorrisonPhilip Swanson
James and Marilyn AultBruce and Christine DigbyJohn HumberGary MutzJoe and Marilyn Swing
John J BaughmanAndrew T. and Vick Sue DuaneReverend Jack and Helen HustadDonald and Ruth MyersCharles and Sharon Taylor
Charles and Jane BeachReverend Tom and Gail DugganAlice Kienberger-IversonThomas Stephen NeubigAndrew Teng
Tom and Liz BensonMaxine T. DunlopNorman and Nancy JohnsonJohn C. O’DonnellLyle Tollefsrud
Jacqueline BentonRobert DunlopTimothy and Keri JohnstonJeffrey and Linda OlesenBedford Transou
Reverend Christine BlaireKenneth and Jan DuvallJUSTGIVEMary Beth OlombelVirginia D. Vonreichbauer
Kathryn BogieGlenda EhrmannJudith KaauaJoseph and Diana ParkerJon and Julie Voskuil
Pamela BohlFrederick ElderReverend Larry and Carol KalajainenBrian and Almuth PayneKevin Wahila
Tom and Nelle BordeauxThomas EnowJane A. Kendall and David DietzSally Ann PeaseJohannes Weertman
Carolyn BouazouniDonald and Katherine EppertFrank R. KimbroDavid and Sharon PerryWilliam and Gail Weyerhaeuser
Hugh Mitchell BouvierBarry E. and Donna FergusonJoAnn KingWesley M. PirkleJon Jr. and Melissa Wheeler
Renee E. BoydAaron FetterolfRichard KippCurt Plyler and Kristin EldridgeReverend James and Luray Wiberg
Elizabeth BrashearNorm and Adrienne FindleyGilbert R. and Seiko KirkhamReverend Jeff and Alba PowelStephen and Debbie Wilkowski
Richard and Donna BrightMathew and Tambrey FliermansKathryn KoobMark PrimmerKathleen Williams
Charles T. and Edda BrownHenri FortinChristopher and Claire KrammeChristopher and Laeititia PruszkoLaura E. Williamson
Chris and Carol BrownGregg and Megan FosterSusanne KretschmannResurrection Lutheran ChurchReverend Thomas and Grace Wilson
Philip BrownDr. Judith FoulkeDon and Sharon KrumpFrank M. ReynoldsWitte Travel
Anthony and Mary BurgerJaquelyn Fournier-ClarkMyron and Rita KruppElida RhenalsTed and Betty Ziemann
Erin R. BurkeHarvey and Constance FoxRobert LangeBess J. RhodesKaren Zumbrunn
Jerry and Pat BurnsSamuel FranklinHoward and Wiepske LarsenBarbara Ridpath
Richard H. BushCharles GayRoniSue LeeEvangeline Rimbach
Scott and Debbie ButlerJohn and Linda GoetzDavid and Chrstie LeiningerKenneth and Marcia Rislov
Margorie CalderEdwin GoodKathryn LindquistReverend Paul E. Robinson
Sean D. and Kimberly CaleyDrew C. and Meri GrahamTara LoftisRoss and Margaret Robson
Donald and Ruth CampbellFred and Jean GramannCarol and Rudolf LoperenaKenneth T. Rock
Mark and Joni CarrierKristen GrauerWilliam and Lu MacArthurRichard and Sue Scheu
Guyle and Deborah CavinMerrilyn GroenewaldRonald and Karen MadarasGary and Susan Schieneman
Caroline and Yarrow CheneyNate and Courtney GrovesSandra D. MarchesePamela Schulz
Helen B. ClarkeReverend Karen Halac and Jean-Luc SinnigerWilliam and Mary MasonKari Schumm
Daniel and Marsha CoatsHerald T. HalvorsenMargaret McEachernPaul Sedlack
Reverend Ben and Margit ColtvetDalton and Linda HarrisonRobert McGregerWilliam L. and Susan Sewell
Mathew and Leslie CowardCraig HedbergRussell and Carol McNaughtonLynn Shaler
Jack R. and Jessica CoxJanet HeinTrenton and Theresa MeachamAnnick Sibue
Brett and Cindy CraigJack HelmerArdith J. MeierReverend Carol and Michael Simpson
James and Cindy Craig EstateFred L. and Junita HemkeCalvin Marshall MewDavid R. and Deborah Smidt
Sarah W. CrenshawDonald and Martha HerrEugene A. and Louis A. MillerDustin and Jody Smith
Donna Colvill CrimReverend R. Scott HerrPaul and Susan MitchellBenjamin Snyder
Alison DaifukuJames and Marta HobbsCharles and Laurana MitchelmoreKristine R. Sokoll
Denise DampierreGalen and Hazel HodgeDavid and Laura MooreRichard and Marie Steege
Lawrence De LongeJessica M. HolzerRichard MoreheadLyle and Kathleen Steinmehl
John and Ruth DeckerAlan and Denise HolzhausenRichard MorfordDavid Stitely
Walter and Patsy Ann DeitrichBruce and Nancy MorganDarrell and Carol Strobel
Robert and Lynda DeLuryea


During January 2016, donor statements were mailed to all those for whom we have current addresses. If you made a donation during 2015 and your name does not appear on the above list and/or you have not received a year end giving statement, kindly contact the Financial Secretary, Russ McNaughton, at afcufinsec@afcubridge.org.